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Grupo Ceteck

Grupo Ceteck is a multidisciplinary engineering group with consolidated products and services in the market.

It is the union of different companies with 100% Valencian capital that work for a common purpose.

The optimization of production processes and environmental sustainability by applying artificial intelligence is our reason for being.

We leave you two videos in which our manager Ernesto Bedrina, together with other colleagues and clients, explain what we do in the group.

We are leaders in the automation, monitoring and control of industrial processes in real time, converting data into signals that allow planning the future with data from the present. We obtain continuous monitoring in real time, which together with the mathematical modeling that we carry out of the industry and the Artificial Intelligence systems, allow us to make predictions of future events, predictive maintenance and precise control of the present.

A perfect combination of processes, people and technology ranging from control systems (PLC, SCADA…) and automation of industrial processes that save costs and eliminate errors in production, to the ability to capture and process several million signals, offering real-time information for decision making. Future decisions make us the ideal option for any company that intends to successfully optimize and maximize its processes.

We also offer a new artificial intelligence system applied to application development, achieving rapid application development through a conceptual programming tool.
Conceptual programming allows great savings compared to traditional custom software generation processes, and also enables software development in record time with the implementation of functional pilots in one or two weeks, written in any standard language.

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Ceteck Facilities

Civera electrificaciones

At Civera Electrificaciones, it offers solutions in all types of electrical assemblies and installations in Valencia and Madrid, from its commissioning to electrical maintenance in all types of constructions.

As an electricity company in Valencia and Madrid, the main objective is to find the point where all the energy costs and savings needs of each client come together. All this to always offer the best option in any situation.

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