Room book

Logbook WEB 2.0 enables us to digitize the room books for the management of incidents and relevant plant events. Fully integrated with standard System PI tools.

Logbook WEB 2.0

Alarm management; Shift management; Production management, downtime monitoring and prediction (Forecasting).

Register, manage and automate.

Record all events that occurred in a shift at your plant.

Manage users with AD compliance.

Log automatic events from PI to LogBook. [con PI-Notification&Event Frames]

Manage floors, event types and shifts.

Track downtime events for your assets and classify them. [Marcos de evento]

Record all events that occurred in a shift at your plant

Manually insert an event that occurred in a shift at your plant. Select the event type and add start and end dates for special events that involve unavailability.

Manage your user database to grant access to LogBook WEB using Active Directory users.

Assign roles and floors to your users (Operators, ShiftManager, Administrators)

Users can be linked to plants. Add your plants and assign users to see only your own plant’s events. Configure the plant with the email notification distribution list and the AF Root Plant element in the PI Asset Framework.

Manage your event types. Add event types for operators to use. Create special events to track unavailability and add custom fields to the event.


Manage your Shifts. Create shifts used in your plant. Set start and end.

Create automatic events in PI Notifications to be inserted in LogBook WEB.

List of all downtime events that have occurred. Filter to find the desired event.

Edit the downtime event to add the downtime reason to categorize. Add observations.

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