This project focuses on reducing the economic burden and optimizing plant protection through a new technology product based on smart processing to optimize pest control. Spraying the decision on the plant for protection is a key issue on the use of agrochemicals and cultivation expenses. Technological updating and the development of friendly technologies with the safety environment for consumers are really necessary to guarantee the competitiveness of agriculture in Europe, according to the Report on Competitiveness of the European Union Agrifood Industry (HLG007/2009). The sustainability of the agri-food sector depends on reducing its weaknesses by promoting new technologies. For years crop protection agents were applied homogeneously on the field and very often at maximum permitted doses. Now, farmers are faced with high and rising prices for agrochemicals and at the same time a growing demand from the authorities to reduce or abandon many chemical products. Further EU implementation of Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (BCAM), will shortly force farmers to reduce the pesticides and herbicides they use in crop protection. Failure to comply with the BCAM rules will result in a financial discount on EU Grants / income support.

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